Shelborne Greene Crime Watch

Shelborne Greene is part of the Carmel Neighborhood Crime Watch Network. Below is the type of crime watch report we will be receiving from the Carmel Police Department. We hope there are not too many occurrences at Shelborne Greene or surrounding areas but we recommend checking back often. We will update this page as we get updated reports. As always stay alert and report any suspicious activity to the Carmel Police Department 571-2580 (non emergency) or 911 (emergency) as well as your neighborhood crime watch captain who will relay that information to our block captains.

Carmel Alarm Permit Application:

The City of Carmel requires all Carmel residents to register their home based alarm system. It is against the law to have any device (third party or otherwise) which dials the Carmel Clay Communication Center without a permit.  There maybe a charge for a permit ($10.00) but it’s unlikely since the annexation of West Clay into Carmel proper.  You also have a 30 day grace period on any new alarm system installed to obtain a license without a fee.  Please contact the Carmel Communication Center (317-571-2586) to see if the $10.00 charge applies in your case.  Either way the fine for not having a license and police called to your residence is $50 after the first occurrence so it’s wise to act. The attached documents provide further information in addition to the permit application itself.  You can print these for your records.

Carmel Alarm Permit Information Page 1.pdf

Carmel Alarm Permit Information Page 2.pdf

Crime Watch Update: 

SGCA Residents:

A new means of tracking crime data in Carmel has been implemented that will allow each Block Captain to see – in real time – any events that have happened throughout the City of Carmel.  The map is interactive with the user by zooming in and then clicking on any icon on the map.  The icon will then take you to the actual event.  However, there are not a lot of details other than the address where the event occurred and what type of event it was.  It should be noted that the addresses are only listed as hundred blocks to preserve some privacy.  For example, a home at 9719 Innisbrook.  If something happened here it would be listed as 9700 Innisbrook.

The old type of mapping did not include many of these type of events – it only reported thefts, damage to property and Criminal mischief.  We can now be much more informed than previously.   To view crime information on the map, you may put in any date range.   However, if you use too large of a range, the map becomes very congested very quickly.  The link to the map is:

Carmel Crime Link.

When you open this link for the first time, save it to your favorites in your internet for future scans.

When the board does receive information on a particular incident,  they will continue to provide information to you.