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Architectural Request Change (ARC Request).


If you are looking to modify your property at Shelborne Greene you must submit an ARC request to AMI and be granted approval by the SGCA Neighborhood Board prior to construction start. Modification includes but is not limited to fences, satellite dishes, painting, major landscaping changes and decks. Violation of this rule can result in being in violation of Shelborne Greene Covenants. Covenant violation can lead to the restriction of Shelborne Greene amenities (pool, & tennis court), the requirement of returning the property to its original state (if modifications cannot meet approval of the board) and the possibility of legal action. The ARC request form with Easement Waiver are available for download below as well as the covenants for your review.

Please also note the Rental/Leasing and Parking Amendments to Declarations.  They will be strictly enforced.

Updated Shelborne Greene Expenses-Budget 2021

1 – Shelborne Greene Resale Amendment

Shelborne Greene Re-Sale Amendment_ Recorded

2 – Leasing/Rental Amendment – Shelborne Greene

Leasing/Rental Amendment to Declarations.pdf

3 – Amendments To Covenants and Restrictions – Shelborne Greene.

Amendment To Covenants Restrictions Shelborne Greene6.pdf

4 – Architectural Request Form with Easement Waiver.

ARC Form with easement waiver.pdf

5 – Covenants & Restrictions – Highland/Gardens.

Covenants Restrictions Gardens.pdf

6Covenants & Restrictions – Orchard.
Covenants Restrictions Orchard.pdf

7 – Covenants & Restrictions – Orchard (Page 5).
Page 5 of Orchard Covenants.pdf

8 – Covenants & Restrictions – Village.
Covenants Restrictions Village.pdf

9 – Hamilton County Surveyors Office Drainage Easement Letter.
Hamilton County Surveyors Office Drainage Easement Letter.pdf

10 – Vehicle Parking.