SGCA President


SGCA President – Marshall Kahn

Fall- 2019

Again this year, your volunteer board and management company, represented by Vicki Fleming, have worked hard to maintain and manage our beautiful neighborhood.
As hard as it is to believe, Shelborne Greene was established 20 years ago. While that means we all benefit from mature trees and established lawns, it brings with it issues that need to be addressed for the benefit of us all:
 Our playground equipment, tennis and basketball courts, and
 Removing dying trees from common areas, and
 Malfunctioning street lights, and
 Constant annual maintenance of our swimming pool and ponds, and
 Ongoing maintenance of the 80 or so acres of common area.
These ongoing capital improvements require sufficient funding to make sure that our property values continue to be worthy of our investments.
Some of the projects that we’ve done this year:
 Continued the process of removing dead trees from the common areas.
 Awarded contracts to replace all of our streetlights with LED bulbs, which will reduce monthly utility costs and provide a brighter, safer neighborhood.
 Started the process of reviewing bids and ideas for the replacement of our 20 year old playground equipment. In so far as this is a very expensive project, this will have to be done on a gradual basis over the next several years.
 We have awarded a contract to replace sections of the irrigation system that were destroyed by the City of Carmel while building the walking path along Shelborne Road, and 96th Street. The responsibility falls to Shelborne Greene, because it was wrongly situated in an easement area by the original developer.
 We have awarded a contract to replace the common area lighting at the 96th entrance, due to damage done by a vehicle.
 Filled in the baby pool, and made several other repairs to the main pool, and
 Replaced pool furniture due to wear and, unfortunately, vandalism.
 Installed a closed circuit security camera at the pool area to deter unauthorized use and vandalism, and,
 Upgraded the pool entry systems.
Your board, and our management company, have also had to deal with neighbor’s complaints that come up during the year:
 Neighbors fail to maintain their yard and the outside of their homes, including their mailboxes, in violation of the Declaration Of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of
Shelborne Greene, Article IX MAINTENANCE, Section 9.1 Maintenance of Lots and Improvements.
 Neighbors fail to remove their refuse and recycle containers from public view, in violation of Plat Covenants and Restrictions for all sections, #15.
 Maintain and remove ice and snow from the sidewalk(s) in front of their home.
 Failing to abide by any vehicle (including campers, motor homes, trucks, inoperable vehicles, etc.) restrictions, rules, and covenants, in violation of Plat Covenants and Restrictions of all sections, #12.
 Failing to abide by the restrictions on the placement of signage in yards.
In an effort to maintain the appearance, pride and value of our neighborhood, it would be appreciated if all our neighbors abided by the rules. A special thank you to those of our neighbors that do follow these rules.
Thank you for your continued support.
Your Board of Directors

Marshall Kahn – President