SGCA President


Scott Weddle, SGCA President

Spring – 2019

As the incoming SGCA Board President, I’d like to introduce myself. I’ve been on the Board for 7 years, after spontaneously volunteering during the 2011 Annual Meeting, and served as Secretary through 2015. On a personal note, I’ve lived in Shelborne Greene since 2009 with my wife Leigh-Anne, and we have a 3 ½ year-old daughter, Charlotte.

I’d like to thank our outgoing Board Members for their service. Clay Stogsdill (former President), Av Herman (former Secretary), and Liz Edwards all did an excellent job representing Shelborne Greene. And I’d also like to welcome our two new incoming Board Members, Debbie Pittard from The Garden (Secretary), and Nancy Tillet representing The Village.  They also volunteered to serve at the Annual Meeting, which seems to be a common theme! Rounding out the Board are Marshall Kahn (Vice President), Rick Arenstein (Secretary), Ryan Veldhuizen and Rande Kaufman. We still have an opening on the Board, so if anyone from The Orchard is interested, please let us know! We’d greatly appreciate it!

Well, it’s officially Spring, and soon our neighborhood will be awash in blooming trees and flowers. And many residents will begin doing some Spring cleaning, as well as getting started on home improvements. Along with this comes the resumption of the monthly SGCA Board meetings, with the first one set for March 25th. On this note, this is a great time to remind everyone of some key related covenants:

  1. Any change to the exterior of your home needs to go through the Architectural Review Process. You can find the form under the download vault on our webpage at This form needs to be completed prior to beginning any work.
  1. Trash cans are not permitted to be kept outside in public view, or in backyards. They must be kept in the garage or shielded from public view if kept outside.
  1. Mailboxes are to be maintained in good condition and in keeping with the rest of the neighborhood. There is information on our homepage that lists a few vendors if you need to replace or repair your mailbox, post and/or newspaper box. Newspaper boxes are no longer required, but if you have one, it needs to be kept in good shape. If your post needs a new coat of paint, info for our color is also on the homepage. Please do not try to paint the mailbox itself, as it doesn’t last or look good.
  1. Parking in the streets or blocking sidewalks is not permitted for any household cars or long-term guests. All vehicles must be parked in the garage or in the driveway as to not block the sidewalk.

Here are a few updates on things going on in and around the community.

  1. The work around the entrances to the Community should be completed by the City of Carmel soon.
  1. Pool updates: The pump and drain system should be repaired soon, as well as replacement of the gate lock system, and the installation of 2 new pool heaters this Summer. We also plan to replace the baby pool area with concrete, as well as add some new landscaping around the pool house.

More news and announcements/updates to come soon as we move from Spring to Summer, with our usual scheduled activities and functions. After another overall mild winter, enjoy Spring in our beautiful community, and please feel free to contact myself or the Board with any questions or concerns.


Scott Weddle