SGCA President – Carol Schuler


May 10, 2023

Dear Neighbor,

It’s that time of year!  Trees and flowers are blooming, grass and weeds are growing, spring cleaning is happening, and our pool is getting ready for opening day, Saturday, May 27.

New Pool Key Fobs

We are upgrading our pool/tennis gates and it will require that we distribute new key fobs to access the pool & tennis court.  On Sat. May 27 we will be at the pool from 9am – 3pm to distribute the new key fobs.  You must bring ID to show you are the homeowner.  Do not send children to pick up the fob.  Please note that each home is allowed to receive only one key fob.  If that fob is lost and needs to be replaced there will be a $40 replacement cost.  Thank you in advance for your patience with this process!

If you are a landlord you MUST email me at and let me know the name of your renter and that they are given permission to receive the key fob.

Should May 27 come and go and you have not yet received your new key fob, you may reach out to me, Carol Schuler,

Within our neighborhood we enjoy beautiful homes, yards and amenities, though we have issues that continue to plague our lovely neighborhood, and often receive these common complaints.

Garbage Cans in Plain Sight from the Street

Garbage & recycling cans are not allowed in sight of the street.  We write letters to offenders and in most cases, our communication results in the receptables being placed in the garage.  Other times, the homeowner has ignored our requests.

If you are aware of a trash or recycle bin that is consistently left in public view, please note this is a violation of our neighborhood covenants & restrictions and we encourage you to report an ongoing violation by emailing a photo of the bin to  Republic Services may be able to provide a smaller bin if you need that to fit in your garage.  Call them at 317-913-7300 to inquire.

This is also a violation of Carmel City Code, specifically Code 6-222(d)(3) and you may report this to the City of Carmel too.

Weeds, Unsightly Vegetation, Debris on Homeowner’s Property (includes Dandelions!)

If you are aware of a home with weeds, unsightly vegetation or debris, email a photo to  We also encourage you to report this to the City of Carmel as it violations the Carmel City Code 6-88.

Pet Waste Not Being Picked Up

This is a covenant violation this one of the most difficult for the HOA to enforce.  Since it is the violated homeowner that usually spots their neighbor allowing their pet to utilize a neighbor’s yard, we suggest that the offended party immediately call the City of Carmel to report this, citing Code 6-99(b)(13).

How to Report a City Code Violation to Carmel

Please contact the Director of the Department of Community Services at 317-571-2444, and a police officer or the Fire Department, shall issue a written notice to the violating homeowner and order the homeowner to correct the violation with seven calendar days.

Oversized Vehicles, Speeding, and Golf Carts on the Roads

Per Carmel City Code 8-55, “No person shall drive any vehicle on a residential street if that vehicle has a gross weight of more than 5,000 pounds.  Those vehicles are not permitted to park overnight on driveways, streets, or at our pool parking lot.

Only adults are allowed to drive golf carts on the street and must do so in a safe manner.  Minors should not be driving golf carts, and golf carts should not be cutting through yards.

Speeding in the neighborhood is a constant problem and the neighbor that witnesses this should take immediate action with law enforcement.

Infractions of these types should be called in to the Carmel Police Department on their non-emergency line, 317-571-2580.


Pool and tennis court passes may be revoked and/or made unusable if violations are not corrected.  Also, if your HOA quarterly fees are overdue, including late charges, by 2 quarters or more, the pool and tennis court passes will be revoked and/or made unusable.

Neighborhood Website

If making changes to the exterior of your home, be sure to submit an ARC form for approval.  This form and more information can be found on our website:

Neighborhood Facebook

Our neighborhood has a private Facebook group:  Shelborne Greene 

It can be a way to receive news in addition to updates that are posted on the website.  Please go to the Facebook group and request to join by answering the 2 questions – your address in the neighborhood and how long you’ve lived here.  Only residents are allowed to be a part of this Facebook group

Thank you for being a neighbor in Shelborne Greene and helping to keep our neighborhood beautiful.

Carol Schuler

HOA President